Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Vans Sponsors SurfReel's December Contest

SurfReel is stoked to announce Vans' sponsorship of SurfReel.com's December Big Wave Contest! Winners of the Men's and Grom's Divisions will receive Vans gear from head to toe including: hat, hoody, t-shirt, jeans and shoes. Women and Gromlet winners will recieve Vans sandals and a t-shirt.

Some say that when the image of George Downing, Wally Froiseth and Buzzy Trent appeared on the front page of a Californian newspaper in 1953, Big Wave Surfing was born. The image began the migration of California surfers to Hawaii in search of these big, warm water waves, in paradise. Capturing that essence is what SurfReel.com's Big Wave Contest is all about. December is your chance to upload and submit the biggest wave riding reels in your video collection. This month it's go big or go home!

SurfReel.com is about connecting the world of surfing, supporting surfers and the surf industry and improving the competitive sport of surfing. One of the many features offered are monthly and annual surfing reel (video) competitions, with winners decided through SurfReel member voting. Unlike other online community and competition sites, SurfReel shares half of its advertising profit with the winners of annual competitions. Additionally, the monthly winners receive swag packages provided by high profile sponsors. Because competitions are online, they are geographically neutral and allow surfers to participate on a global level for a chance at the Annual Purse and Monthly Pot Prizes.

Learn more or to try and win your share of these great Van's products!