Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Never Quit Beach Fest In Florida

The event went down on May 31st, with Vans team rider Karina Petroni in Jacksonville Beach, FL. If you weren't there, the festivities were endless: The waves were perfect, it was a perfect sunny day, there were around 500 runners for a 5k, the most ever, by over double, for a first event. 3 surfing classes were totally full. Each person was taught for over an hour and a half. Several news casters covered the event as well as several newspapers. Channel Island surfboards formed a bridge to make up the finish line. Jets flew in to start off the race and did several passes. There was unlimited food and drinks for everyone. (The New Multi Grain Pizza Hut Pizza's, Tacu Lu, Tropical Smoothie, Fire House Subs, SoBe and so much more)

The lifeguards taught basic CPR, there was free massages, free health screenings, Jaguar Cheerleaders signing autographs, Jaguar players playing football with the kids,Two Navy Obstacle courses, Photographers shooting every runner and surfer so everyone could have an image of themselves participating. Free temporary tattoos,
and so much more! Everyone agreed, it was by far the greatest beach event that anyone had ever been to.