Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Great Danedamus

We are only days away until the Gold Coast of Australia will be graced by the presence of the great "Danedamus". Most know him by his common name: Dane Gudauskas, this is merely so he doesn't get mobbed on the street by his fans. He cannot even travel to Japan, for he is "big in japan" and can only make appearances via satellite. Dane-Damus, is also a pivotal tactical role in battle, the art of Dane-Damus is known as frothjitsu, and is mainly taught to the highest ranking students of the martial arts curriculum at many famous schools, such as Yagyū Shinkage-ryū, Tenshin Shōden and Togakure-ryū. He is know to be as deadly as a Ninja-Star, Moving at fast speeds with great precision. Others know of him through his groundbreaking fashion sense. Setting trends throughout the world from hairstyles to innovative multicolor chest garments. His artwork stuns the critics, the guggenheim has been trying to book a show with him for years. He is truly an inspiration to all of us here at Vans. For more info on this great man of men, visit The 3 Tree

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