Tuesday, March 9, 2010

South Straddie

This place was kind of a mission to get to & back from. Pat & Tanner paddled across a big channel, to the island. Dont worry about those bull sharks. And those with camera gear took a small ferry to the backside of the island, then a simulation of what it would be like to cross the mexican border. I felt like i was gonna: 1. pass out from heat exhaustion 2. get bit by a poisonous snake 3. get totally barreled like the gudangs! On the way back after the death march back to where the ferry was suppose to pick us up from, it was nowhere to be seen, he left us there. Some kids offered to give one of us a ride back over to the other side. Then Nelly comes speeding around the bend on a boat to save the day! Check out all the action RIGHT HERE