Friday, June 25, 2010

Battle of the Brands

Andrew Doheny started off the day for us winning his heat. Leila surfed later in the day, and didn't have such a good heat, she went down. Then we had the Battle of the Brands, this was a heat consisting of a 4 man team ( 2 pros, a grom, and a girl ). Our team was suppose to be Pat & Tanner Gudauskas, Leila Hurst & Andrew Doheny. But due to some lame ASP Rules, surfers on tour are NOT allowed to surf in any event that is not under the ASP umbrella. Yup that means any local or "just for fun" events, Including today's event. So with some last minute changes, Dane Gudauskas and myself were subbed in for the boys. This was Dane's first time back in the water since his ankle injury, and lets face it, i'm no pro surfer. But it was still awesome to surf near perfect lowers with only 3 other people out.

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