Tuesday, June 29, 2010

G-UNIT Winner!

Kyle Morin from New Hamsphire will be receiving a fresh new wardrobe courtesy Vans, along with some Skullcandies, Channel Islands surfboards, Oakley, Kaenon, and Smith shades for his answer to the Gudauskas brothers giveaway. Just back from El Salvador, Kyle’s gonna be living large this summer. Here’s his winning comment below:

They represent the crazed trio from the Muppet’s band Dr. Teeth and the Electric Meyhem:

Dr. Teeth- The leader of the band that bears his name, Obviously this embodies Dane, the elder statesmen and leader of the band, Dane’s also know for having the biggest chompers. However, much like Dane’s surfing, the band is know for it’s tight almost effortless style.

Animal- The crazed drummer of the band and a personality that can explode at any point, much like Pat’s surfing style, going from long carving tail slides to an above the lip explosion.

Sgt. Floyd Pepper- As the bass player he is the funkiest member, holding down the back end bass line much like Tanner holds down the youngest end of the brother’s trio. Known for his unrelenting sarcasm, Floyd is always good for some laughs, but his bass lines much like Tanner’s surfing are nothing to laugh at.

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