Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cape St. Francis Links

It was a monday. or maybe a sunday. but the point is that we met on the links that overlooked the beautiful town of St. Francis. There were four of us. Two Teams looking to play as many holes as the sun light would allow. which was 12. On one side of the draw was the rippers, consisting of Nate Yeomans and Nolan Hall. Then there was Patrick and I, The kooks. Through slices and fades, power draws and hooks we snaked to the green in hopes of the beers being bought by the opposing team. The sh*t talking was as common as losing your ball in the rough on this Jack Nicklaus signature course. We acrewed so much good footage that we decided to break up the podcast in two features. This first video is more showing the flaws in THE RIPPERS game. I edited it, and I was on the KOOKS so maybe the opinion of this video is biased. whatever! haa!!!

-Taken From Tanner Gudauskas on The 3 Tree

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