Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Vans Coastal Edge 20th Anniversary Block Party

Come out this weekend to the Vans Coastal Edge 20th Anniversary Block Party at the Icon Coastal Edge store on the 21st Ave in Virginia Beach, VA.
The event kicks off at noon on Saturday, July 25th. There will be skate sessions on the mini ramp, free schwag, free bbq, a girls fashion show and Vans athlete appearances and signing with Tony Trujillo, Johnny Layton and Gilbert Crockett from the skate team and Joel Tudor, Dane Gudauskas and Shea Lopez from the surf team. The event finishes with a performance by Jackmove. If you are anywhere near Virginia Beach you don't want to miss this event, so come out and enjoy.

Here is the schedule:

Saturday July 25th
12:00 1:00 Skate Session & BBQ
1:00 1:15 Product Toss
1:15 2:30 Skate Session & BBQ
2:30 2:45 Product Toss
2:45 3:00 Girls Fashion Show
3:00 3:15 Product Toss
3:15 4:45 Team Signing & BBQ
4:45 5:00 Product Toss
5:15 6:15 Music by Jackmove
8:30 ??? After Party @ O'Hanas