Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dane Reynolds Joins the Vans Surf Team

We are extremely excited to announce the addition of Dane Reynolds to the Vans Surf Team.  Dane is one of the most exciting and unique surfers to date and brings a quiet sort of revolution with him.  His approach is completely different to what's been done and his reach touches every facet of surfing.  For decades Vans has been home for people choosing their own path and it’s a pleasure to be able to uphold that principle to this day and have Dane become a part of it.

The 26 year-old from Ventura, CA has already made his mark on the ASP World Tour with Top Ten final rankings in both 2009 (10th) and 2010 (4th) -  just his second and third years on tour, but Dane is much more than a contest surfer.  When a surfer is described as straddling the demands of the pro tour while simultaneously establishing himself as a top freesurf talent, perhaps no one reaches such heights in both worlds as the ultra-talented and creative Dane Reynolds.