Sunday, July 31, 2011

Duct Tape Spain

The Duct Tape Salinas went as smooth as it could. We started our trip a week before the start of the event in France and worked our way to Spain. We had great conditions for the contest, and it came down to a final heat of Justin Quintal (2X Duct Tape Champ), Al Knost (Defending Champ), Tyler Warren and Jared Mell. This event had some of the best surfing from any of the Duct Tapes, and not just the final, but the entire event. We are so stoked that we can put this event on for this small pod of elite surfers. The next Duct Tape will be held at MALIBU during the MSA Comp Sept 9-12, So until then, Stay tuned for updates.

The Final Duct Tape Spain Results

1st. Tyler Warren
2nd. Justin Quintal
3rd. Al Knost
4th. Jared Mell

Alex Knost

Tyler Warren, Oliver Parker & James Parry

Chris Del Moro

Harrison Roach

Kass & Mikey

Scotty Stopnik

Jared Mell

JJ Wessels

Tyler Warren

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