Friday, August 17, 2012

John John Florence advances in Teahupo'o

Currently No. 5 on the ASP WCT ratings John John Florence has a solid showing in Heat 1. John John Florence (in his first competitive showing at Teahupo’o) secured solid scores for barrels and maneuvers to advance through to Round 3.
Here is what Florence had to say of the heat: “It’s actually cleaned up a lot from this morning,” Florence said. “This morning was really bad. The sun’s come out now though and there are a few, little barrels. It’s still really fun. We’re here in Tahiti and I’m loving it. I was trying to find a cleaner, open waves and do whatever I could with them,” Florence said. “I had one where I did a bunch of turns and ended up on the reef and had another where I got a little barrel. It’s actually scary at this size and in these conditions on your backhand because the barrels really chandelier and you can end up on the reef really quick. Pumped to get through though.”