Sunday, January 16, 2011

Alex Knost Wins the Santa Cruz Duct Tape!

We had great weather & waves on the final day of the Duct Tape, Big Al Knost took the win. Behind him was Harrison Roach in 2nd place, followed by Ryan Burch in 3rd and Chad Marshall in the 4 spot. Near the end of competition, we all thought Jason "ratboy" Collins won the board sacrifice award, but Chad came from nowhere and chucked his (new looking) log nose first downward at the rocks on the cliff. Needless to say, he took home that trophy. Right after we wrapped the event, we trucked everyone over to Derby Skate Park for some shredding and pizza. In the evening we had our last dinner followed by the awards, and Dirt Dress performed live. It was such a great event, big thanks to all the competitors and everyone who help make this event happen! Until the next roll of Duct Tape...

1st place - Alex Knost $4K
2nd place - Harrison Roach $3K
3rd place - Ryan Burch $2K
4th place - Chad Marshall $1K

BOARD SACRIFICE: Chad Marshall $1K


Heat 1: Troy Elmore ($250) and Ratboy ($250)
Heat 2: Tyler Warren ($250) and Jared Mell ($250)
Heat 3: Chad Marshall ($250) and Dane Peterson ($250)
Heat 4: PASS
Semi Finals 1: Troy Elmore ($250) and Tyler Warren ($250)
Semi Finals 2: PASS

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